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How to Maximize Your Nonprofit's Virtual Fundraising Potential

Date published: 10/28/2020

Now more than ever, organizations must be strategic about fundraising and overall nonprofit finances. A key component of that is virtual fundraising. 

Below, we explore key considerations for pivoting to virtual fundraising, then offer ideas to help you continue meeting your funding goals.

Should Your Nonprofit Work with a PEO (Professional Employer Organization)?

Date published: 10/14/2020

Have you ever found yourself so overwhelmed by legislation and compliance changes that you lost focus on the nonprofit’s mission? Or is your desk piled so high with accounting and payroll paperwork that there’s no time to check in with your nonprofit staff’s job satisfaction or career goals? 

You’re not alone, of course. Countless nonprofit leaders burn the candle at both ends, making nonprofit burnout all too common. 

Fortunately, there’s help. Professional employer organizations (PEOs) exist to ease the pressure of back‑office responsibilities so that you and your staff can focus on mission and impact.

A Nonprofit Accounting Guide to Cash Flow Forecasting

Date published: 09/23/2020

As the accounting and business consultants at Wipfli have said, “Most budgets, once approved, don’t change.” In other words, your nonprofit’s annual budget is static. So what can your organization do when unforeseen crises such as the COVID‑19 pandemic threaten to upend the annual budget? How can your organization survive the ebb and flow of unpredictable funding?

The answer is financial forecasting. Unlike an annual budget, financial forecasts are hands‑on, agile, and rooted in the present and near future.

A Balancing Act: 3 Keys for Effective Nonprofit Administration

Date published: 09/09/2020

Although some nonprofit leaders report a consistent, healthy division between administrative tasks and mission-specific activities, many struggle to prioritize their time. It’s no secret that balancing business operations and mission execution is challenging. Nonprofit administrators often have limited budgets. Others manage incredibly lean teams. And most are looking to create a lasting big-picture impact on major social issues.

How Nonprofits Can Advance Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Date published: 08/26/2020

Recently, businesses and organizations have revisited their workplace policies on equity, diversity, and inclusivity. Some have finally put into writing the practices they have implemented for years. Others have recognized a failure to put policies into action. 

Whether you are revamping your mission statement or building an entirely new set of policies, it is important to ensure your organization approaches all aspects of work through a lens of equity and inclusion. It is also critical for your nonprofit staff to be representative of the community you serve.

Overcoming Barriers in Nonprofit Management

Date published: 08/12/2020

These are challenging times for nonprofits, especially those not visibly on the front lines of COVID‑19. Now more than ever, executives and board members must swiftly react to the changing economic and social landscapes while remaining focused on the ultimate goal of a better future for their community. 

‌How‌ ‌Nonprofits‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Offer‌ ‌Benefits‌ ‌That‌ ‌Attract‌ ‌and‌ ‌Retain‌ ‌Top‌ ‌Talent‌

Date published: 07/22/2020

With today’s tumultuous economy and a growing pool of available skilled workers, nonprofits must use creativity and resourcefulness to attract and retain the best talent. One way nonprofits can stay competitive is through non‑monetary incentives such as quality, comprehensive employee benefits.

Cyber Security: Work-From-Home Policies to Protect Your Nonprofit

Date published: 07/08/2020

The last few months have been challenging for all nonprofits. The changing economy, state of education, and more have tested nonprofits' existing strategies and highlighted the need for new policies. Amid these external changes, nonprofit staff members have also shifted into new territory with work-from-home arrangements. Unfortunately, remote work opens the door for a surge of new and sophisticated cyberattacks.

Is Outsourcing Operations a Good Use of Nonprofit Resources?

Date published: 06/24/2020

As budgets shrink and back‑office functions siphon energy from mission‑critical tasks, many nonprofits' staffs are stretched too thin. They simply do not have the resources to give detailed attention to operations. 

Rather than applying quick fixes to handle one‑off needs, nonprofit leaders can implement smart solutions that maximize their resources. One way to maximize existing resources is by outsourcing back‑office tasks. This streamlines operations, expands capacity, and ultimately reduces costs.

3 Ways to Save Time and Energy on Nonprofit Payroll

Date published: 06/10/2020

Nonprofit payroll execution can be incredibly time‑consuming for administrators. They must consider and carry out appropriate compensation for employees, contractors, board members, and sometimes volunteers. 

For nonprofit leaders tasked with stretching time and dollars, ensuring accurate,  compliant payroll execution while staying focused on community impact can feel almost impossible. Eventually, administrative tasks must be streamlined or delegated to avoid interfering with mission‑specific functions.