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Supplier Diversity: Rooted in Community

Date published: 06/23/2021

How one organization’s commitment to supplier diversity strengthened a neighborhood and workforce

When UCAN decided to relocate its headquarters to North Lawndale, Illinois, it was a game‑changer for the local community. The construction of a $40 million campus represented a commitment to supplier diversity and led to the social service agency becoming the sixth‑largest employer in North Lawndale. The effects of the organization’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion are being felt beyond the campus.

How Will Your Organization Observe and Commemorate Juneteenth This Year?

Date published: 06/04/2021

The celebration of Black culture and freedom is both a celebration and a serious look at the lasting legacy of slavery.

Advancing Equity Through Educational Innovation

Date published: 04/28/2021

How can principles of advancing equity be applied in an educational setting? Many nonprofits are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion, but to really make a difference, these principles need to be embedded into practices, policies, and culture. Helping communities reach their full potential means tackling root causes that perpetuate inequities and ensuring the inclusion of historically excluded and marginalized communities in our organizations.

Building Your Nonprofit’s Approach to Racial Disparities and Socioeconomic Mobility

Date published: 04/16/2021

People of color and those living in poverty face significant, long-standing barriers to accessing quality primary and mental health care. Among the most common barriers are the high cost of care, lack of adequate insurance coverage, and lack of quality and/or culturally competent care. These challenges directly lead to racial disparities in health and well-being outcomes and are compounded over generations, often blocking the pathway to economic mobility.

How Four Intersecting Pathways Lead to Social and Economic Mobility

Date published: 03/24/2021

“We were convinced that America is a place where even if you’re born with nothing, with a little hard work, you can improve your own situation over time and build something better to leave your kids.” - President Barack Obama

3 Strategies Nonprofits Can Use to Address Socioeconomic Mobility

Date published: 03/10/2021

We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy.  — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Talking About Systemic Racism in America as a First Step to Change

Date published: 02/24/2021

By Susan N. Dreyfus, former president and CEO of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

Our nation can no longer put off having an authentic and difficult conversation about the realities of systemic racism in America, the inequities facing our neighbors of color, and the impact on our society as a whole.

The Work Ahead to Advance Racial Equity

Date published: 02/10/2021

By John Everett Till, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, The Family Partnership

“Raise your hand if you believe we can end poverty.” 

Reflections and Resources: Helping Nonprofits Move Equity to Action

Date published: 01/27/2021

By Undraye Howard, senior director of equity, diversity, inclusion, and engagement at the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and the Council on Accreditation

This year, we continue to reflect on the recent and ongoing injustices that took place throughout our country.

Strengthening Your Nonprofit for Virtual Services

Date published: 12/23/2020

For better or worse, the COVID19 pandemic has upended traditional workflows. Companies and nonprofits have switched to remote work and digital services. Many experts say this digital transformation has been brewing for years. Still, the sudden lockdowns across the world in the spring of 2020 became a catalyst for immediate virtualization.